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How your strategy helps you make decisions

How quickly do you and your organization make decisions? Do you make them quickly, or does each decision seem to be a long and painful process filled with uncertainty and doubt? In working with small business owners over the years I’ve noticed that those who have a clear set of goals and a well defined […]

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Marketing Is A Conversation

In my e-book, Saying the Wrong Thing Louder Doesn't Make It Right, I talked about how one of the reasons referrals and face-to-face meetings work for marketing professional services when other forms of marketing fail is because we are conversational in the former but often turn to corporate-speak in the latter. Over the weekend, I […]

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Strategy Is Focus

Today I want to talk a little about three other items from Tim Berry’s 10 Business Fundamentals post: #2 Strategy if Focus #4 The more priorities in a plan, the less likelihood of implementing that plan. #10 Everything you do in a business rules out something else that you can't do. Given these three fundamentals, […]

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