Voice of the Customer Surveys

Learn What Your Customers REALLY Think and How They Really Buy

customer surveyDoes your marketing message resonate with your Ideal Prospects?

Effective, your marketing messages clearly answer the question on the minds of prospects and customers – “What’s in it for me?”.

Ineffective marketing messages focus on what is important to the seller rather than focusing on what is important to the buyer.

Customers are the ones who determines value. Therefore, it only makes sense to gain an understanding of what they value before spending money on marketing.

Find out with the Voice of the Customer Surveys

So how can you find out what your customers value? Typically, small business owners will:

  • Guess – trial and error may get you there but it is expensive and frustrating
  • Copy a Competitor
  • Learn from their best customers and figure out how to attract more customers like them.

Being believers in simple, effective, and affordable marketing, we think the third option above is the way to go. That is what the Voice of the Customer Surveys are designed to do – help you learn from your best customers so you can systematically attract more people just like them..

The Voice of the Customer Surveys will help you:

  • Verify your Core Marketing Message resonates with your ideal prospects
  • Uncover the buying pattern and referral behaviors of your ideal customers
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses through your customers’ eyes.
  • Discover unmet needs and new opportunities in the marketplace

Armed with the insights from these surveys, you will be ready to create marketing messages that consistently attract your ideal customers – getting them to contact you.

Ready to Start?
Learn what your customers really think and how the really buy. Purchase the Voice of the Customer Survey Pack and receive:

  • 12 customer surveys
  • A written report detailing the findings of the surveys including recommendations
  • A free consultation to discuss the findings, recommendations and answer any questions your may have

Price: $998 or 2 payments of $499

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