Marketing Consulting

Marketing consulting and coaching engagements are typically more ad hoc than our marketing programs and managed services.

Typical consulting engagements include strategic marketing planning and review sessions, assistance with implementing a specific marketing tactic, marketing technology advice, and virtual CMO services.

Month-to-month coaching sessions are designed for those who have a marketing plan and would like to have a resource they can turn to for advice. Coaching sessions participants also value having an accountability partner to help them meet their marketing goals.

Consulting and coaching engagements consist of a working session along with continuing support after the working session.

Work Session



Individual Work Sessions
2 hours$7955 days
unlimited email
4 hours$1,59010 days
unlimited email
Full Day$4,500
plus expenses
30 days
unlimited email

1.5 hour
Follow up
web conference

Month to month sessions
1 hour weekly$1,500 /mounlimited phone and email
1 hour bi-weekly$900 /mounlimited email