WordPress 3.8 Brings Modern Design To Dashboard

Last week WordPress 3.8, dubbed “Parker” in honor of Charlie Parker, was released.

Sometimes the updates to WordPress are all in the code and as a user, you don’t see much of a change after makin an update. Not so with this version. WordPress 3.8 sports a fresh, new design in the admin (or “backend”) area, the area where you do all of your work. After updating you will notice the darker menu area and an overall cleaner look, including simpler, easy to read text. Here is a “before and after” comparison:

Version 3.7.1

Wordpress 3.7 dashboard


Version 3.8



WordPress 3.8 is also mobile responsive throughout, making the experience of updating your website via your smartphone or tablet much more enjoyable. More than once I’ve had to make a quick update to my blog from the baseball stadium – with this new design I’ll do a lot less scrolling and be able to make my change and get back to watching the game much more quickly.

The new version includes eight new color schemes for the admin area. If you want to change things up just go to your profile in the Users section and select one of the new themes shown below:


Twenty Fourteen in the name of the new default theme and allows you to create a blog with a “magazine” look and feel.

This latest update also includes a number of bug fixes and performance enhancements. You can find a complete list of changes on the WordPress codex page.

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