What Type of Salesperson Is Your Website?

You may have heard people refer to a website as being a “virtual salesperson” or a “24 hour salesperson”. As you know, salespeople come in all shapes and sizes – what type of salesperson is your website?

The Brochure Distributor – Most websites start as the equivalent of an online brochure. They may provide valuable information, but are hard to find via the search engines, so people have to know about them before they visit. If this type of website were a salesperson, they would be order takers – only making sales when someone asks to buy.

The Networker – At this level, your website it becoming more visible. Like the salesperson who consistently shows up at local networking events, your website appears in relevant search results. It also starts to get referrals; links from other sites and social media discussions.

The Nurturer – Successful salespeople work to stay “top of mind”. Some sales people stay in touch by sending the same information to everyone (i.e. a newsletter). The more successful ones stay in contact by providing information that is relevant to the prospects’ needs and/or preference – the equivalent of segmenting your list and tailoring your message to each segment.

The Sales Pro – a professional salesperson takes things to the next level by using their observational skills to adjust the conversation based on a prospect’s responses, as well as their body language and other clues. When combined with marketing automation software, your website can detect your visitors’ digital body language and help you respond accordingly. This type of intelligence helps you determine which prospects are “sales ready” and which still need nurturing.

Which type of salesperson is your website? If your website were a salesperson, would you give it a raise or fire it?


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