Vine is Twitter’s New App Helps You Create and Share Short Videos

Twitter recently released Vine, their new  mobile service that lets you capture and share short (6 second) looping videos.

Videos are captured using the Vine app, currently available on the iPhone and Ipod touch. You can download the app for free from the App store.

Recording is extremely simply – you just hold your thumb against the screen to begin recording and remove it to stop. Video clips can be shared on Vine, Twitter, or Facebook.

It is still early, but the tech press seems to like Twitter’s acquisition of Vine. The folks at TechCrunch believe Vine makes Twitter a better social network:

Vine Just Made Twitter A Stronger Social Network | TechCrunch – techcrunch.com1/25/13

However, the story is not without controversy. The NY Times blog is carrying a story about some potential privacy snags:


Twitter Introduces Vine, a New Video Feature, but With Privacy Snags – bits.blogs.nytimes.com1/24/13

And Facebook quickly blocked the Vine app from being able to find your Facebook friends.

Facebook Cuts Down Twitter’s Vine – mashable.com1/25/13

It will be  interesting to see if small business owners will take to Vine and how they will use it. Have you created any videos with Vine?


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