Twitter’s Enhanced Profile Pages

Not to be outdone by Facebook, Twitter profile pages will soon be sporting a new look with their Enhanced Profile Pages.

According to Twitter, enhanced profile pages will be a way for select users to showcase their best content on their Twitter profiles.

One cool feature for small business owners to pay attention to is enhanced profile pages are completely public – people can view it without joining or (or being logged into) Twitter.

The most obvious way you will be able to tell that you are looking at an enhanced profile page will be the the presence of a 835 x 90 pixel header image right below the account information. You can a logo, tagline or any other visual branding to the header to help communicate your brand on Twitter.

You will also have the opportunity to feature your content by promoting a Tweet to the top of your profile page’s timeline (at no extra cost) to highlight your important content.

Currently, enhanced profile pages are only available to a small selection of brands and partners. Twitter is not “able to accept public requests for enhanced profile pages at this time”. Enhanced profile pages are currently available to a small selection of brands; they will be rolled out more broadly in the coming weeks and months.

More information about enhanced profile pages, along with some screenshots, can be found on Twitter’s support site.


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