Using Twitter’s Keyboard Shortcuts

Have you tried Twitter’s keyboard shortcuts? Did you know they were there? We are getting so used to touch screens and voice control that it’s easy to forget about keyboard shortcuts. But when you know them, keyboard shortcuts can save you a lot of time.

Twitter refers to this first group of shortcuts as Timeline short cuts. I like to think of them as section or area shortcuts – they help me jump to the area of Twitter where I want to be. This set of shortcuts consist of two letters; the letter “g” followed by a letter indicating the Twitter section you want to jump to. I like to think of the “g” as being short for “go” so “g h” becomes “go home”, etc. Here is a list of Timeline shortcuts:

g h – home page
g p – your profile
g m – messagess
g c – connect
g a – activity
g r – mentions
g d – discover
g u – other “u”sers profile
g f – favorites
g l – lists
g s – settings

Once you jump to the section you want to work in, you can use the Navigation shortcuts to move through the list of messages in that section.

j – next tweet
k – previous
. – load more

Last, but not least, you have a set of shortcuts to help you work with the individual messages in Twitter:

n – new tweet
m – DM
t – retweet
f – favorite
r – reply

Pressing the question mark will bring up a menu of these shortcuts.

One quick note, you can use the shortcuts while this menu is open – you don’t have to close it first.

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