Track Your Success With WinStreak

I recently ran across a helpful little app from the folks at Strategic Coach,  called WinStreak. WinStreak helps you keep track of your daily wins and achievements. The app also helps you stay focused on your goals by helping you plan your wins for the coming day.

As business owners, it may be easy for us to plan out our day and to-do list, but that plan rarely survives the day. We need to address situations and take advantage of opportunities that arise throughout the day. We can have a very productive day, but often you wouldn’t know that by looking at our to-do list as it continues to grow rather than shrink.

That’s why I like the idea behind WinStreak. By tracking your wins today and planning your wins for tomorrow, you are able to maintain a high level of confidence and excitement about your work and what you are accomplishing. You will also build momentum and score bigger and bigger wins.

You can find more information about WinStreak, along with links to download the app from iTunes or Google Play here.

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