Today is my LinkedIn Birthday

LinkedIn-bdayLast May, LinkedIn celebrated their 6th birthday with 40 million users.

Today is my 6th birthday as a LinkedIn member. I’m not sure what the exact calculation is to get from social media years to people years, but I have a feeling it would work out to me being a very old man <g>.

It’s been fun to see LinkedIn grow and change. When I first joined, I remember it being populated by mostly technical folks and venture capitalists. It quickly turned into a resource for job seekers and recruiters. Of course today it is a widespread tool for connecting, collaborating, and making referrals around the world.

I can’t find the exact numbers for March 2004, but in December of 2003, LinkedIn had 81,000 members. In April 2004, they reached the 1/2 million member mark. Here is an interesting timeline that I found on SlideShare:


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