Storytelling and Content Marketing

A little over a year ago Coca-Cola launched their Content 2020 advertising strategy, announcing their “move from creative excellence to content excellence”.

Below is the part one video explaining the Content 2020 strategy. While this is obviously a “big brand” approach to content marketing and social media, there are several lessons that small business can take away from Coke’s approach – here are a few that I noted:

  • The importance of storytelling – note the emphasis on storytelling throughout the video. Small business have great stories to tell, be sure to share yours.
  • Liquid and Linked – at the 0.32 mark, the idea of content excellence being liquid (contagious ideas) and linked (ideas that are innately relevant to business objectives) is discussed. Pay special attention to this section.
  • Compelling Content – Coca Cola is striving to create the world’s most compelling content – how can you create the most compelling content in your world, whether that is you neighborhood, city, or industry?

You can see the Part Two video here

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