Twitter Filters Help You Find Info Faster

Twitter announce some new search filters last week. These filters will help sort through the enormous amount of information on Twitter and help you find the information you are looking for faster.

You access the new filters by first performing a search – the filters will appear in the left hand column of the search results.

Here’s a screenshot of my results when I search for “Estate Planning”. The red arrows point to the boxes containing the new search filters.


The filters are pretty self explanatory, but here is a quick summary

  • Everything – all results. Clicking on “Everything” also resets the people and location filters to “All People” and “Everywhere”
  • People – profiles who have the search phrase in their profile description.
  • Photos – containing the search phrase in their description, hashtags, etc.
  • Videos – containing the search phrase in their description, hashtags, etc.
  • News – results related to your search
  • Advanced Search – this is not new, but is now much easier to find. Clicking on this filter brings up the Advanced Search page ( where you can refine your search even further.

The next two boxes contain filters that can be used in combination with the ones above, allowing you to narrow you results to just people you follow and/or people located near you.

Here is a short video showing the filters in action:

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