New Mobile App for Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft recently announced their new mobile app for the iPhone and Android. I was a little surprised as I thought they would wait for their annual conference to release it, but I’m glad they didn’t wait.

If you are not familiar with them, Infusionsoft is the all in one sales and marketing software for small businesses (watch a demo).

I’ve been playing with the app for a few days (on Android) and so far I like it. Below is an overview of the apps features along with a list of some of the things experienced Infusionsoft users might want but are not available in this initial version.


The initial screen displays your recent contacts, allows you to search your contacts, add a new contact, and view the tutorial and FAQs (by clicking on the gear icon).

The recent contacts appear to be specific to the device rather than the user account. I don’t think this is a big deal, but having it synch (or having the option) would make switching from device to device a little more seamless.

View Contact Screen

Once you select a contact (via search or the recent contacts list) you can view their general contact information. You can also take action on each piece of information. For example, the phone numbers all have icons next to them to allow you to text or dial that number. The email addresses all have an icon to launch your email program, and the physical addresses have an icon that allow you to see the address on a map (and get directions).

The “other information” section on the first screen displays the “Person Notes” from the contact record.

You can also see the tags that have been attached to the contact. You can also apply existing tags and create new ones. When you first go into the Add Tags screen, it is blank with a search box – you don’t see a list of tags. I first I thought this was inconvenient (I never remember all my tag names), but if you hit the spacebar once while in the search box, it will display all of your tags.

Adding Contacts

Clicking on the plus sign in the green toolbar brings up the Add Contact screen. This screen allows you to key in the information for a contact. On my Android phone, I can also fill in each field by clicking on the microphone and using the speech recognition, which I love. The app does not currently support scanning of business cards, but Infusionsoft has another app called Snap that will do that for you.

What’s not there yet

I think this first version of Infusionsoft’s app is a good start. They obviously thought about the functions that small business owners need “on the go” and want to access on their phone. Primarily, you can quickly access your Infusionsoft contacts and add new ones to your database.

Infusionsoft does so many things that some users may feel disappointed that they can’t do everything in Infusionsoft via the mobile app. For example, the sales stage management features that salespeople use are not available in this first version. I few of the other things you can’t do yet include:

  1. Using your own internal forms – you can only access the standard “Add a Contact” form.
  2. You can’t add or manage opportunities yet.
  3. Task notification does not appear to be included yet.
  4. You can’t access your Infusionsoft calendar

Infusionsoft has always seemed to be the type of company that encourages and values feedback from their users, so I’m sure we’ll see more features added to the mobile app soon – maybe at Infusioncon?

You can find the Infusionsoft mobile app for the Android here and for the iPhone here.

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