Image Size Guide for Social Media

Each social media platform has different specifications for the images and videos you display on their sites. Use this handy infographic from the folks at Constant Contact to find the optimal size for sharing images and videos on your favorite social media site.


LinkedIn – Max Character Calculator

Each field in your LinkedIn profile has a different limit on the amount of characters you are allowed to enter, which can make editing your profile frustrating. Some of the fields (like your profile headline) are difficult to edit because you can’t see all of the field text at once. To avoid those problems, start…

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Sample Headlines

Whether you are creating an ad, writing a blog post, or sending an email blast, your headline is one of (if not the) most important components of your marketing copy. Below is a list of proven headline templates or formulas that you can use to create your own attention grabbing headlines. To get started on…

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Budget Template for Events

This is a spreadsheet template you can use to plan and track your budget for your workshops, customer appreciation events, seminars, and other events. The spreadsheet is fairly self explanatory, but here is a quick video overview explaining how it is set up in case you want to make any changes. Download: Excel Spreadsheet -…

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Life Balance Wheel

This is a technique I learned from my Sandler Sales coach Dan Stalp. The Life Balance Wheel is a great tool to help you set your priorities and visualize the balance in the different areas of your life when working on your goal setting. The basic idea is this – first, in the column labelled…

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goal tracking gauge

Goal Tracking Gauge

One of the keys to success in sales and marketing (life?) is tracking our performance of the daily behaviors that move us towards our goals. It doesn’t matter how you track your behaviors, you just need to do it. For those who prefer to keep track of things manually, here is a spreadsheet with a…

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9 Word Email – Warming Up a Cold List

The 9 Word Email is a technique that you can use to “warm up” a cold list. This is a technique I learned from a guy named Dean Jackson that I’ve had success with using it both for myself and my customers. For this lesson, a cold list is simply a list of contacts whom…

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