Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Content

KPIs for content marketingWhen we help small businesses create their content building plan using the Duct Tape Marketing system, we talk about building three different type of content:

  • Content that builds trust
  • Content that educates
  • Content that helps close or make the sale

As we create this marketing content, we want to have systems in place to measure the effectiveness of what we are doing and help us continuously improve our content marketing efforts. One way to do this is to select and track some key performance indicators (KPIs). Below are some KPIs, and the questions they help you answer, to consider when measuring the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy.

KPIs for Content that Builds Trust:

Traffic, page views, time onsite – are people able to find you when looking for solutions? When they find you, do they stick around to learn more (do they think your content is relevant)? Or do they go look for something else?

Content downloads – do prospects express their interest in learning more about the problems you solve and how you solve them by downloading your eBooks, whitepapers, etc.?

Inbound links and page rank – Links from other websites are one of the ways that people “vote” for the content they like and trust on the internet. This is why having links to your site is such an important factor for ranking well in the search engine results. Is your content getting votes?

Fans / followers – The rate of growth in your fan or follower base can be a good indication of whether or not you are putting out content that people like and trust. Do you find that publishing certain types of content increases you fan base more than others?

Mentions, Comments, and Shares – which content in most interesting and engaging from your audiences point of view? Which content are they indifferent about?

KPIs for Content that Educates

Opens and click-throughs – are people interacting with our content? Or are we being ignored? Are we using jargon or other language that is preventing us from connecting and preventing us from educating?

Inquiries, list growth – as prospects learn more about what you do, does their interest grow? Do they want to continue to learn more?

Form submission rate – do prospects feel that the perceived value of the educational content they will receive exceeds the cost of providing the information you request on your form? Does the messaging on the form or landing page match the expectations that brought the prospect to the page?

Funnel conversion – are we providing the information our prospects need to help them move to the next stage in their decision making process?

KPIs for Content that Helps Close

Number of qualified leads – is your content generating leads? Are they they right type of leads?

Meeting with sales – are leads meeting with sales? If not, why? Are we asking for a meeting before they are ready to talk to sales? If so, what other content do we need to help move them closer to being ready to talk to sales?

Opportunities – Once prospects talk to sales, are we generating sales opportunities or does sales disqualify a majority of prospects? Do we marketing and sales need to revisit the definition of a “sales ready” lead?

Active Pipeline – do we have a healthy pipeline? Do we need to change our strategy to generate more leads? Better quality leads?

Closed Deals – the ultimate measure of our marketing, are we generating sales? Is there anything we can do, in terms of creating content, to help improve our closing rate?

These are just some of the KPIs you can use to measure the effectiveness of your marketing content strategy. Rather than trying to implement a large number of KPIs, may I suggest that you start by identifying on or two questions that, if you knew the answers to them, you would be able to take action to improve your marketing system. Select a few KPIs that will help you answer those questions first. You can always track new KPIs when you have new questions to answer.


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