Build My Online Presence for Me, Please

(and can you have it done yesterday?)

Is your online presence delivering customers to your business?

If you’re not sure (or if you have no idea), don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Online marketing is made up of a lot of moving parts. New tools and websites seem to pop up every day. The experts make it sound like it should be easy, but it feels like a lot of work for not much return. You may be starting to think that this online marketing stuff “doesn’t work for me”.

Marketing your business online doesn’t have to be that complicated. The fundamentals of building know, like and trust are the same online as they are offline. And just like offline marketing, the key to successfully marketing your business online is having a system.

And we have a great solution to help you do that. The Total Online Presence is an 8 session course that teaches you the strategies, tactics and tools required to build the most complete approach to online marketing.

But here’s the problem – for some small business owners, building it simply takes too long.

No matter how much they want to work on their online presence:

  • Not everyone has time to attend a class for 8 –10 weeks in row
  • Not everyone has time to spend on homework assignments
  • Not everyone has time to experiment with all of the tools and options that are available
  • Not everyone has time to revisit their initial efforts and figure out how to make them better

However, most will make time to work a system once it is up and running - particularly when they can see that their work is producing results.

So the question is –

How can we get a Total Online Presence up and running as quickly as possible?

That’s where the TOP Jumpstart program can help

With TOP Jumpstart, your Total Online Presence will be up and running in days – not weeks or months.

Together, over the course of 2.5 days (plus some prep work on our part), we will build out the foundational components of your online presence. You also receive guidance on what to do going forward via the following action plans:

  • Listening Plan – action items for monitoring the internet for mentions of your company, brands, competitors, and key customers, and industry news.
  • Content Creation Plan – action items for creating the different types of content that are essential for attracting leads and building Know, Like, and Trust with your target audience
  • Organic SEO Plan – action items to help you continue to research, select, and optimize your website content for the keyword phrases your prospective customers use when searching for solutions.
  • Lead Capture Plan – your plan for converting website visitors into leads and leads into customers.
  • Email Marketing – action items to help you build your list and implement best practices for integrating email into your other marketing channels
  • Social Media Plan – your plan for using social media to market your business without spending hours online
  • Online Advertising Plan – action items to help you create and monitor effective online advertising campaigns
  • Mobile Marketing Plan – more and more people are using mobile devices to search for products and services. This plan includes action items to make it easier for mobile users to find and buy from you.
  • Analytics Plan – your plan for monitoring what is working, what isn’t, and how to improve the effectiveness of your total online presence.

Focus on Growing Your Business

Upon completion of the TOP Jumpstart, your online infrastructure will be in place. Now you can get to the business of marketing your products and services and growing your business.

Your actions plans will guide your day to day activities. They will also help you determine which items you need to handle and which one can be delegated outsourced.

You will have the information and tools to help determine what’s working, what’s not, and what to do about it.

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