Marketing Catalyst Program

What is the Catalyst Program?

A catalyst is something that causes an important event to happen. In marketing terms that important event is the consistent growth of your business and the catalyst is your Duct Tape Marketing Consultant.

Working with a Duct Tape Marketing Consultant clients are guided through a series of 10 core marketing sessions, instructed in the essentials of each lesson and given action items and feedback to help complete each business building step.

The sessions are enhanced using an online portal that contains video, audio, workbooks, worksheets, bonus materials, and action checklists.

Your Catalyst Program Sessions:

  • Session 1: Strategy Foundation – Ideal Client
  • Session 2: Strategy Foundation – Art of Differentiation
  • Session 3: The Marketing Hourglass
  • Session 4: Content Building Plan
  • Session 5: Total Web Presence
  • Session 6: Winning Search and Local Online
  • Session 7: Lead Generation 1 – Advertising
  • Session 8: Lead Generation 2 – Public Relations & Referrals
  • Session 9: Lead Conversion and Selling
  • Session 10: Putting it All Together

Upon completion of the Catalyst program you will have developed the research and strategy necessary to easily complete and document your company’s marketing action plan.

Each Catalyst program enrollment includes a copy of the Ultimate Marketing System from Duct Tape Marketing.

Available as both a group or individual program

The Marketing Catalyst is offered as a group program as well as a 1-on-1 engagement.

For more information about this program, including dates of our next group sessions, give us a call at 913.962.9261