LinkedIn’s Stolen Passwords and Updated Privacy Policy

As you may have heard, LinkedIn was the victim of a hacker last week. Many passwords were stolen an published on an unauthorized website. This serves as a good reminder that we need to protect our information on the internet and pay attention to good security practices even when they seem inconvenient.

Personally, I think LinkedIn did a good job of keeping up informed of what was going on. I follow their blog, so I saw the following updates throughout the week:

Keeping your community informed, even when all you have to say is “We are not sure yet, but we are looking into it and will get back to you ASAP” is something we all can work on improving.

With all of the password hubbub, you may have missed that LinkedIn also announced they were updating their privacy policy. The slated changes include:

  • Shortening the time they keep personally identifiable information obtained through plug-ins and off-site advertising to 24 hours.
  • Enhancing member privacy controls with public profile settings determining what information can be accessed outside of LinkedIn by search engines and third parties.

The coming changes were announced before last weeks episode, so there may be more changes to come.


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