LinkedIn Signal To Be Retired

Earlier this week LinkedIn sent began notifying users that LinkedIn Signal will be retired on July 29, 2013. Signal was on of LinkedIn’s “products” that aimed to make it easier for users to find relevant insights within the large stream of status and news updates – as in separating the signal from the noise.

When Signal was released in 2010, it was comprised of 6 key features:

  1. The ability to filter updates in your stream by connection level, industry, company, location, time frame, schools, groups, hashtag (topic), seniority, and update type.
  2. Searching for keywords, topic, and/or people in your stream
  3. Automatic updates to your stream so you don’t have to refresh the page
  4. Trending Links
  5. See who is sharing trending links
  6. Saved real time searches

Several of these features have been become part of the product, including the newly improved search feature. Using search, you will still be able to find the people, companies, groups, jobs, and keywords you are interested in. Any searches you saved in Signal will not be available after July 29th. According to email notice I received, searching for updates will also be dropped from the product.

What do you think, will you miss LinkedIn Signal when it’s gone?

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