LinkedIn to Retire Lead Collection Bar

LinkedIn recently announced they will be retiring the Lead Collection bar from their ads.

The Lead Collection bar was a free feature that allowed you to collect leads directly from your ad by allowing people to click on a “Request Contact” button. Here’s a screenshot of what it looked like:


The LinkedIn Collection bar is slated to be retired on July 15, 2014. The leads tab, and leads data will also be removed from your LinkedIn Ads campaigns at that time.

Why Is the Lead Collection Bar Being Retired?

The notice that I received from LinkedIn didn’t give an exact reason for the retirement of the lead bar, but it sounds like it wasn’t being used very much and/or wasn’t very effective for advertises –

We constantly evaluate how features are used and we’re making this change to focus on areas of the product that have proven more valuable to you, our advertisers.

How Should You Capture Leads on LinkedIn Now?
LinkedIn hinted that they are working on a new and improved way for businesses to generate and capture leads on their platform, but I haven’t seen any specifics yet. For now, you best solution is to use your LinkedIn ads to drive traffic to your own landing pages where you can capture leads.

If you have any questions about using LinkedIn to generate leads or how to capture leads using landing pages, feel free to contact me.

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