Infusionsoft Improves Lead Scoring

Infusionsoft is the all in one sales and marketing software for small business. It is a great tool for automating your marketing as well as your internal processes.

Over the last few releases, Infusionsoft has added and improved on it’s lead scoring capabilities. The latest version (Winter 2013) continues to improve upon lead scoring capabilities by adding search features, new behavior-based lead scoring options and campaign triggers that allow you to automatically follow up when a contact achieves a specific score.

If you  are a current Infusionsoft user, the first think you may notice is the simplified lead scoring set up page. The user interface on the Configure and Edit Score pages have been simplified. The basic configuration options have been reorganized in a single column. Some users found the points slider in the Rules Criteria area to be confusing; it has been replaced with a drop-down box. The number of points that can be added or removed when criteria is met has been increased from 10 to 100, which should provide additional flexibility when devising your scoring scheme.

When you assign point to a lead’s score, what you are saying is this person has taken and action that indicates they may have an interest in X. We all know that a person may act interested today, but that interest will dwindle if they don’t take action soon. Infusionsoft helps you model this behavior by allowing you to specify an expiration for points that are assigned when a rule criteria is met. So, not only can you add points when actions are taken, you can subtract points after a period of inactivity.


You can now search for contacts and opportunities based on lead score – making it easier to follow up with your highest scored opportunities first. You can search based on a specific score or a range of scores. You can also combine lead score with other search filters to create more targeted lists.

Scores can now be adjusted base on a contacts interactions with your email messages by allowing you to add points to their score when they open and email or subtract points if they unsubscribe. The system is smart enough to only add points for opening an email once, so you don’t have to worry about falsely inflated scores from one email being opened several times.

The campaign builder now includes a goal called “Reaches a Certain Score”. This allows you to automatically trigger a message or series of events once a specified threshold has been reached.


Taking advantage of these changes to lead scoring should not only help you stay on top of your most qualified leads, but can help improve your overall marketing by allowing you to send more relevant messages to the right people at the right time.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about how lead scoring can help your marketing efforts, or if you’d like to see a demo of Infusionsoft.

The Winter 2013 update to Infusionsoft includes many additional updates to the product – you can read about them here.

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