How to Create a Compelling Lead Magnet

One of the basic principles of modern marketing is to provide information that potential customers who meet our ideal customer profile will 1) be able to find 2) “purchase” our information using the currency of their contact information and 3) give us permission to continue sending them relevant content.

In Duct Tape Marketing we often refer to this information as a Point of View whitepaper (or eBook). Infusionsoft calls is a “lead magnet”. Others refer to it as a bait piece or an opt-in offer. No matter what name you give it, the goal is the same – to get people to “buy” your offer using the currency of their contact information.

As this practice has become more widespread, the value of a prospect’s contact information has risen substantially. As marketers, we need to also raise the value of the content we provide. Offers of “sign up for our newsletter” are no longer valuable enough. We need to provide information that helps prospects solve the problems they are facing.

So how do you create an educational information piece that people will be willing to buy with their contact information? Chances are you and/or your sales people are providing this type of educational information in your everyday conversations. Here are some example topics that you can use for creating your bait piece:

What are the common questions people ask about your products and services at networking events and sales calls?

What questions do you wish they would ask but don’t? Early in the buying process prospects often don’t know what they don’t know – here is your chance to help them out.

What are the frustrations people have when they buy from your competitors? Related to the item above, what information can you share with prospects to help them find relief or avoid these frustrations in the first place?

What are the different approaches to solving the problems you solve? What are the pros and cons of each approach? How should a prospect decide which is the right approach for them?

What are your prospects underlying goals? How will your products and services help them achieve those goals?

What are your prospects curious about or trying to learn?

The idea of creating a whitepaper or eBook may sound like an intimidating task, but, as I mentioned above, you already have valuable information to share. In order to share that information in a more scalable way, you just need a slightly more formal way (write it down, record a video, etc.) of delivering it.

If you don’t have one already, take a stab at creating your information piece today. If you would like a second opinion, feel free to send it to me and I’ll be happy to review it for you.

Photo credit:  National Library NZ on The Commons on Flickr

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