Getting Started With LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a popular tool for helping you build and interact with you business network. While LinkedIn is becoming ever more popular, there are still lots of questions about how small business owners can used LinkedIn to grow their business.

I recently came across this article, LinkedIn for Dummies, which provides one of the more comprehensive overviews of LinkedIn that I’ve seen. In addition to explaining some of the ways to use LinkedIn, the article provides the following 6 steps to help you create your profile and get the most out of LinkedIn:

  1. Creating your profile
  2. Connecting to people
  3. Further tips on how to use LinkedIn
  4. Answers\Q&A
  5. How to recommend somebody
  6. Belonging to a group


LinkedIn is a great tool for building and maintaining your professional network. Read LinkedIn for Dummies and learn how to make the most of this tool in your business.

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