LinkedIn – Where Did That Feature Go?

Have you ever spent time looking for something you know you’ve seen before on LinkedIn? Or something you feel “there should be a way to do” but couldn’t find it?

While LinkedIn often updates and improves their user interface, some things can still be hard to find. Here are three of the most common “how do I find” questions that I get related to using LinkedIn.

1. How do I see all my status updates?

Have you ever had trouble finding one of your old status updates? People familiar with Facebook expect their updates to be on their profile page, but they’re not. If you click on the “home” link you can see your status updates in your feed. If you have a lot of time to kill, you can try scrolling through the feed to find one of your old updates.

I can’t tell you how many people have told me that “LinkedIn is broken” or “LinkedIn is not a real social tool” because they couldn’t find where to view all their previous status updates.

The trick to viewing all your updates at once is to use the change the feed filter to “Your Updates”. This screen shot shows you how to change the filter.

linkedin status filter

2. Where did the custom invitation message box go?

For years, LinkedIn pros have been advising others to “never use the default invitation text. Always customize it and make it more personal”.

Trouble is, the blue connect button will behave differently depending where you are in LinkedIn when you click it.

Sometimes you will get the dialog asking how you know the person. This dialog also contains the option to customize your invitation message.

If you are in the “People You May Know” area, you will see a pencil icon that will allow you add a personal message to your invite. To see the icon, you must be in the full – “see more” area, not the 3 person preview on your home page.

linkedin people you may know

The best way to be sure you can customize your invitation is to first view the person’s profile and click the blue connect button there.

3. Where did the footer menu go?

“Bill, I’m trying to look up something in LinkedIn’s help center, but the menu at the bottom of the page isn’t there anymore. How to I find the help center?”.

This one stumped me for a few minutes when I first heard it because I knew the menu was still available.

Here is a screen shot of the menu she was talking about:

linkedin footer menu

The reason that this question was tricky is because the menu didn’t really go away. The problem is, some of the pages in LinkedIn support “infinite scroll”. Pages with infinte scroll add more content to the page when they detect you are getting to the bottom of that page. You never see a “next page” button; the page just adds more content until there is no more to add.

To see this in action, go to either your home page and try to scroll to the bottom. The connections page works the same way.

You can access the “bottom of the page menu” by going to the search page or one of the other pages that doesn’t have infinite scroll. You can also access the help center (and other options) via the accounts drop down menu:

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