Facebook’s Search Engine – Graph Search

facebook-graph-search-logoFacebook recently announced their new search product called Graph Search. Graph search is a way for you to find people, places, and other interests that have been shared on Facebook. According to Facebook, “All results are unique based on the strength of relationships and connections.”.

Graph search will be very different from searching on the web. Web search is designed to provide the best possible results for a set of keywords. Graph search will return a set of people, places, photos, etc., that have been shared on Facebook and are related to your query. does a great job of explaining this difference in this post on searchengineland.com.

So when would you search on Facebook rather than Google? Based on reading several overviews, I’ve made up a few example searches below:
  • People who like golf and live in Kansas City
  • Photos of my friends from the 2012 All Star Game
  • BBQ restaurants in Lenexa my friends have liked
  • Recent movies liked by my friends

As you can see, graph search appears to have a huge potential for small businesses to be found by the friends of their customers. I’ll be posting more about how small business can benefit from graph search when more details become available (and I get a chance to experiment with it).

If you want to see some examples of the types of searches you can do with Facebook’s Graph Search, along with some screenshots of what the search results will look like, check out the photo galleries on this post fromengadget.

Want Facebook Graph Search? You can’t have it <g>, but you can get on the waiting list here –  www.facebook.com/graphsearch

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