Facebook Launches New Metrics

facebookAs I’m sure you have heard, Facebook has been making a lot of changes recently. The changes to the interface (i.e. Timeline) get most of the attention, but small business owners will also want to keep their eye on changes being made to the analytics tool, Pages Insights, and a new metric Facebook is calling “People Talking About.”

When users see a page with a high People Talking About rating, they can infer that page contains compelling content and worthy of their time. If users start paying attention to this rating, small businesses will be motivated to create and share more interesting content that people will want to comment on.

The new metric includes page related activities including liking, posting to a Page’s Wall,  commenting, sharing a Page post or content on the Page, answering questions, mentioning a Page, and checking in at your Place.

Facebook will also report on 3 other metrics for page administrators – Likes, Friends of Fans and Weekly Total Reach. Friends of Fans is the number of friends your fans have (giving you a sense of reach or potential reach). Weekly total reach is designed to let you know how many people have posted something about your Page as well as how many news organizations have referenced it and how much viral distribution elements of your Page has gotten.

If you administer a Facebook page, keep an eye on these new metrics and see what you friends and fans are telling you about the content you share on your page.


  1. This is definitely motivation for businesses to get more active in social media. If a very low number of people are “talking about” the brand, it could mean that there isn’t a sufficient amount of content being shared, or that the quality just isn’t that good. Since the “people talking about” number is public, it’s important to try and achieve a respectable number.

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