Google’s Databoard for Research Insights

Google recently announced Datatboard for Research Insights, a new tool that allows you to view a research conducted by Google. It also allows you to easily select data from their research and use it to build your own custom infographics that you can share with your customers and audience (i.e. in a presentation).

Right now the tool includes four studies, all related to the use of mobile devices, each containing a number of topics. Your can download the entire study or explore individual topics online.

Here is a screenshot of a topic (click on the image to enlarge)


Each topic consists of a set of stats in panels. Click on a panel brings up what I’ll call a “mini-infographic”. Here’s what it looks like when I click on the first panel from the screenshot above:


When one of these panels are “open”, you will see a “Add to Infographic” button that allows you to add the image to a queue. Once you have added all of the images you would like to use, you simply click on “Build Your Infographic”. Doing so will assemble your selected images into an infographic. Editing the infographic allows you to rearranges your selections, change titles, etc. Here is a partial screenshot of an infographic in edit mode:


Once your infographic is complete you can share it to Google+, Facebook, Twitter, or by email. You can also share each of the “mini-infograhics” individually.

Right now the available studies are all related to mobile device usagae. It will be interesting to see what other research studies Google makes available via the databoard.

You can learn more and try out the databoard for yourself here.

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