Content Marketing Tip – Using Transcription Services

Creating quality marketing content that educates and builds trust takes time and effort. One way to make sure you are getting the most out of your content marketing investment is to repackage your content into different media formats. This approach allows you to share your content in more places and in it allows your prospects to consume the information according to their preference (reading vs. listening vs. watching video).

One strategy you can use is to start by creating your content in video. Video can be a recording of a webinar, a “live” presentation, a screen recording (i.e. a software demo), a recorded interview, or just you talking to the camera. Once you have your video you can:

  • Create a seperate audio file to share as a podcast.
  • Create one or more blog posts. You can create a blog post that includes an embedded copy of your video. To help the search engines find your content, you will also want to include a summary or a full transcript (see below) of the video. Depending on your video, you may be able to create several blog posts using the one One post with the embedded video and transcript, or one point – one post
  • Share the video on social media. You can either share the video directly, or share a link to your video.
  • If your presentation included slides (i.e. Powerpoint) you can share those on SlideShare or LinkedIn.

If you form the habit of creating this type of content on regular basis, you can also repackage your content as “collections”. For example:

  • You can package audio files together on a CD
  • You can package your blogposts together as an eBook. You can make your eBooks multimedia by linking to your relevant audio and video from within your eBook.
  • You can package videos, presentations, etc., as a DVD that you can share via direct mail or at a tradeshow

One of the more time consuming steps of this strategy is creating transcripts of your audio and video files. Luckily, there are many individuals and companies who specialize providing transcription services.

Transcription Services

There are no shortage of transcription services available on the web. Most of them will price their services base on the quantity of audio being transcribed. Most of them guarantee a specific turnaround time while others factor turnaround time into their pricing plans. Other things you may want to look for is whether they specialize in your field (i.e. medical or legal), whether or not the service is U.S. based, and how involved real people (vs software) are involved in the transcription process.

Here are a few services that you can use as a starting point for finding one that is meets your needs: – will transcribe your audio or video for $1/minute. They promise a 48hr turnaround and a 98% accuracy rate. They also have a free iPhone app that you can use to create and edit voice recordings and then forward your recording to Rev for transcription.

If you need a quicker turnaround time, check out Prices are not listed on their website, but you can call or submit a form on their site for a quote.

VerbalLink – offers a full compliment of transcription and writing services and is 100% U.S. based.

Casting Words – offers different price points based upon the turnaround time you request. They also provide an order tracking service, so you always know the status of your order.

Do you prefer to work with a local business? Many virtual assistants (VAs) also provide transcription services, so you may want to look for VAs in your area.

I hope that gives you some ideas on how your can get more out of your content marketing budget. Do you have a favorite content marketing tip? Leave a comment below.