Conducting Business On The Go Is a Snap With These Nifty Apps

[Today’s post is a guest post from James Porter. James is a programmer and college advisor who lives in Washington, D.C. ]

Since travel is a given for most of us in the world of business and finance, having a mobile device filled with apps will help simplify work processes. Smartphones and tablet devices can be transported anywhere and can serve as your office away from “the office,” so you can take care of business while onsite or off. Forbes rated the top must-have apps for business owners who want to elevate their productivity.


This e-signature app, developed by Adobe, is ideal for traveling sales representatives. Forget about lugging heavy contracts and save a few trees; EchoSign allows you to send, sign and manage documents from your mobile device. Though it’s a little pricey, an enterprise or global license ranges $299 to $399 for up to one to five users, it’s worth it, especially if you need to get that signature right away.

EverNote for Business

Now in it’s fifth edition, this multi-platform app for note taking now has a billing feature and allows users to collaborate and share notes among other users. For only $10 a month per user, this easy-to-use app also offers live support to premium users, during online chat support sessions Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., U.S. PST.


If you are a big collaborator and you can’t be bothered with email and sending a USB would just be taking security chances on top-secret projects, WorkShare is a great solution. You can use WorkShare for solo projects too and don’t worry if you leave your laptop at home or in the hotel room, your project is safe and sound on this excellent cloud-share platform.


Rated as one of the top 10 apps of 2012 by New York Times’ blog, Speaktoit has been the Android app’s answer to the iPhone’s Siri. This virtual assistant has been updated recently. Features like a scheduling section that will remind you of important meetings, assist you in scheduling flights, making accommodations and arrangements. Speaktoit is currently teaming up with financial new providers so they can send you updated finance alerts on stock quotes or market news.

MeetingMapper Fierce

MeetingMapper Fierce is an advanced version of MeetingMapper, a sophisticated iPad-only app that allows users to decide which action points should be discussed from meeting to meeting, so participants get the most out of the time they spend discussing a project. The Fierce version of this app integrates SalesForce, another cloud-based tool, which can store and share data with colleagues and present that data before, during and after meetings.

Using these apps, onsite, from your home, or somewhere else might not solve all of your work related woes, but they will help you to be a more organized and productive business owner and that is definitely worth the download.

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