Breathing Life Into Dead Thank You Pages

Unless your website is just an “online brochure”, there is a good chance that you have dead thank you pages on your website. Never heard of dead thank you pages before? Keep reading to learn what they are, how they lead to lost opportunities, and what you can do to bring them back to life.

What Are Dead Thank You Pages?

Thank You pages are those pages that website users are sent to after completing and action (usually filling out a form) on your website. You have probably landed on a “thank you” page after:

  • Registering for a webinar
  • Opting in to a newsletter list
  • Making a purchase on

In addition being polite, thank you pages are often used to hold special tracking code from Google Analytics to help measure website conversions.

“Dead” thank you pages are those page that say “thank you” but don’t provide any other value to visitor. When someone lands on one of your thank you pages, you know, at a minimum, two things about them:

  • They are prone to action. They may even have taken their wallet out.
  • They have told you what they are interested in through their action

Dead thank you pages don’t take advantage of this information, resulting in lost opportunities.

Breathing Life Into Your Dead Thank You Pages

So what can you do to turn these dead thank you pages into contributing components of your sales and marketing machine? Your options will depend on your business and the ability of your systems to take advantage of your website users behaviors, but here are a few suggestions that any business should be able to do:

  • Make another offer – if they made a purchase, offer a V.I.P. add on.
  • Point them to other related resources on your website, If they download information from your website, take a note from Amazon and suggest “what other things they may like”
  • Ask if they would like to subscribe to your blog
  • Promote an offer from one of your strategic referral partners
  • Promote an offline event, like a live seminar or an event at your store

These are just a few examples of how you can put your dead thank you pages to work. Pick an action that makes sense for your business and start putting these pages to work today.


Photo credit – Jakub T. Jankiewicz on Flickr

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