Automating Your Follow Up

I’ve written before about creating marketing follow up sequences as part of your marketing system. Follow up sequences related to lead generation activities (web site downloads, webinar attendance, etc.) are the most common starting place for adding follow up sequences to a small business marketing system. However, once you see the power of follow up sequences, particularly automated follow up sequences, you will find many other uses for them in your marketing system.

Where can you use follow up messages to improve your marketing? To help you get the ball rolling thinking about follow up sequences, I’ve listed a few ways some of my customers are using them below.

Following Up With Leads and Prospects

  • New Leads – educate new leads as you lead them through your marketing hourglass
  • Hot Leadsfollow up messages designed specifically for people who have indicated a higher level of interest, based on their behavior. For example, if someone attends on of your webinars, you may want to follow up with messaging and special offers related to the webinar subject matter.
  • Sales Follow-Up Sequence – send automated messages to prospects who’ve requested a quote or proposal.
  • Long Term Follow-Up Sequence – keep your message in front of prospects who aren’t ready to buy right now.

Following Up With Customers

  • Welcome Messages – in Duct Tape Marketing we talk using a New Customer Kit to continue building the relationship after the sale. Rather than dumping a lot of information on your customer all at once, consider using an automated follow up sequence to deliver the appropriate information closer to the time your customer will need it.
  • Upsell Messages – automate the Repeat stage of you marketing hourglass by offering additional, complementary products or services to your existing customers.
  • Billing Messages – follow-up with your customers who haven’t paid yet or had their credit card declined.
  • Newsletter – keep your customers aware of your events and special offers.
  • Renewal or Re-order Messages – remind your before their service contracts expire. If you sell products, remind them to replenish their supply before they run out.Membership Sequence – engage customers with your membership program and keep them coming back for more.

Following Up With Strategic Partners

  • Outreach Messages – reach out to your customers or potential strategic partners to invite them to become part of your inner circle. If you use a technique like our Perfect Introduction in Reverse, ask yourself what steps you can automate to ensure they happen consistently.
  • Top of Mind Messages – It takes effort to achieve and maintain top of mind status with your strategic partners. Don’t forget to stay in touch so they will remember you when they meet someone with “need to know”.
  • Referral Follow Up Messages – whether you give a referral or receive one, make sure you follow up with all of the parties involved.
  • Promotional Messages – Help your partners help you. Let them know about special opportunities, contests, events, or promotions.

Those are just a few ways to improve your marketing system with automated follow up messages. Did I leave off one of your favorites? Share your best tips in the comments.

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