Are Prospects Viewing Your Marketing Content? Find Out With Send Tracker

SlideShare, an online community and a handy website for cre ating and sharing presentations. Many small business marketers, professional service providers, and others who speak for leads, love the ease with which SlideShare lets them share presentations on their website, LinkedIn profiles, and other web properties.

Of course, once you share a presentation on the web, you want to know if anyone is actually looking at it. SlideShare has provided basic statistics (i.e. views, downloads, embeds) for some time; however, with the announcement of their new feature called Send Tracker, users will have more information about how others are interacting with their presentations.

Send Tracker is a content analytics tool. You are required to have Pro account (SlideShare pricing page) in order to use Send Tracker. Now you can send a presentation to a potential customer and the real-time alerts will let you know when they opened and clicked your email. Analytics enable you to track when they opened it, how long they viewed it, how often they viewed, etc.

Owners and marketers can not only use this information to proactively manage their sales and marketing process with an individual prospect, they can also use the feedback to great more engaging presentations going forward.

As mentioned, Send Tracker is a premium feature, but you can try it out for free here.

If you are not familiar with SlideShare, here is how it looks when you use it to embed a presentation on your website:

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