What Others Say About Duct Tape Marketing

“Business blogger John Jantsch, a Kansas City marketing consultant, has built quite a following with his  Duct Tape Marketing site. The blog provides small-business readers with successful marketing techniques that don’t require a large budget to execute.”

– Harvard Business School

“I just wanted to let you know that your newsletter and the ideas that are presented are awesome!!! Thank you for your enthusiasm, motivation, and just plain ole’ good advice.”

– Mike Strom, Senior Account Manager, www.xo-one.com

“The Duct Tape Marketing Small Business Marketing System is the superhighway to take your marketing from where it is now to where you want it to be!”

– John Dunn, Duct Tape Marketing Authorized Coach

“John Jantsch has done one heck of a job of putting the pieces together for you. Follow the roadmap, learn from the examples, and get ready for a flood of new business!”

– Bob Bly, Copywriter www.bly.com

“I’m dizzy with optimism after spending the past two hours scouring the Duct Tape Marketing site. What a gold mine. You’ve saved me a lot of time and effort by combining so many good things on one site: tons of ideas, blogs, newsletters, meetings, resources, referrals, you name it.”

– Larry Blow, Transrapid International-USA www.transrapid-usa.com

“Clever marketing ideas galore and lots of contrarian thinking on what works and what doesn’t.”

– Forbes magazine (Voted a ‘Forbes Favorite’ for small business and marketing)

“For growing businesses in search of some great marketing ideas, Duct Tape Marketing is a worthwhile
online pit stop.”

– Entrepreneur Magazine

“Kansas City-based marketing consultant and entrepreneur John Jantsch has earned a large following among small business owners with his Duct Tape Marketing web site, where he dispenses tips, strategies, and tactics to help entrepreneurs expand their businesses.”

– Business Week

“Duct Tape Marketing is required reading for any marketing professional interested in continuous, breakthrough ideas that impact and influence customers. Its brilliance is often in its simplicity, and John’s ideas work again and again.”

– Matt Heinz

“Thanks for putting up such great content. Between you and Seth Godin, I’m actually exited about marketing.”

– John Ross

“I have read your book and I am impressed with the “hands on” approaches you use. Having taught marketing at the MBA level, I appreciate your book for getting past the theoretical approaches that are so commonly used.”

– Thomas Lowther, Senior Director, American Institute of Architects

“A great resource for small business owners looking for hands-on marketing ideas they can use today. John Jantsch’s daily posts discuss what works — and what doesn’t — when marketing a small business.”

– Inc. Magazine