5 Real Time Analytics Apps for Small Business

While Google Analytics provides a lot of insight into your website traffic, one thing it does not provide is data on individual users. This has led to a host of applications that provide real time analytics including the ability to view visitors as they navigate from page to page. Some of these application even include the ability to launch a chat session with your visitors where you can direct them to certain pages or answer any questions they may have.

If you are ready to move beyond Google Analytics and into the world of real time analytics, here are 5 applications that you will want to check out:

  1. Woopra feeds you live visitor stats, including where they live, what pages they are on now, where they’ve been on your site and their Web browser. You also have the ability to chat live with individual site visitors. Woopra has a free version and their StartUp package currently costs $79.95/mo.
  2. Clicky also provides real-time analytics, including Spy View, which lets you observe what current visitors are doing on your site. Clicky’s dashboard is simple to use and presents all the information you want to see clearly. Clicky features heat maps and they also have a mobile version so you can check your stats on the go.They offer a free plan if you have only one website and a Pro account that starts at $9.99/mo.
  3. Mint is an analytics tool that you host on your own server. Like the other packages mentioned here, you get the benefit of real-time stats. You can track site visitors, where they are coming from and what pages they are viewing. Peppermill, is a collection of add-ons that provide additional functionality for Mint. For example the iPhone Pepper enables easy browsing of your analytics from your iPhone.  Mint costs $30 (one time cost) per website.
  4. Chartbeat’s real-time traffic and audience-behavior data shows you who’s on your site and how they’re engaging with your content right now — so you can take action on what matters when it matters. Chartbeat offers a free 30 day trial and an online demo. Plans start at $9.95 per month.
  5. As Kissmetrics puts it Google Analytics tells you what happened, KISSmetrics tells you who did it. KISSmetrics fills this gap by showing you every action each individual did. Finally, you’ll know who your most valuable customers are and how to get more of them. Kissmetric’s price plans are based on the number of events tracked and start at $99/mo for 500k events.

Do you have a favorite real time analytics app not listed above? Drop me a comment below.

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