5 Questions That Lead to Better Landing Pages

Landing pages are an important tool for small business marketers. A landing page is a web page that allows you to capture a visitor’s information.  You can build landing pages that allow visitors to exchange their contact information for your content offers (eBooks, webinars, etc.), or sign up for offers like free trials or demos of your product.

The goal of your landing page is to make a sale – you want visitors to “purchase” your content using their contact information. Here are 5 questions to ask before publishing your landing page that will help you close the deal:

  1. Does your landing page have a clear title and description? Does the  layout help visitors quickly recognize the value of your offer and give them a compelling reason to sign up for it?
  2. Is your landing page free of navigation links and other items that distract visitors’ focus on filling out your form?
  3. Do your forms capture the information that you need in order to follow up with and qualify the lead?
  4. Is your form not too long or invasive?
  5. Do you have a mechanism in place that will allow you to track your conversion rates?

Remember that your landing page is not giving something away for free; your landing page is trying to make a sale. Make sure you give your visitors a compelling reason to purchase your offer using the currency of their contact information.

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