LinkedIn recently added a new, Facebook-like feature that allows you to mention others in your status updates and comments and have them be notified. LinkedIn actually announced mentions back on April 4. The functionality showed up in my account over the weekend, so most people probably have it by now.

How it Works
When you begin typing the name of one of your connections or a company in the status update box, a drop-down box will appear allowing you to select the person (or company) you want to mention. Here is an example of what it looks like when I begin to type the name of one of my connections (click the image to zoom in):


Mentioning also works in comment boxes on the home page, making it easy to share and bring others into your online conversations. On the other end, the person that you mentioned will receive a notification so they can join your conversation.

The mentions dropdown box populates with your first-degree connections and other people engaged in conversations in the comment sections of homepage posts.

How will this help
Mentions are another tool to help foster communication online, so the possibilities for it’s use virtually unlimited. Here are a few ways I see small business owners taking advantage of mentions on LinkedIn:

  • Congratulating a customer who is in the news
  • Sharing a great blog post written by a strategic partner
  • Congratulating a connection on their new job
  • Sharing relevant news stories with your customers
  • Providing a referral “inline” with the conversation where a need is expressed
  • Recommending one of your connections for a job opening
  • Help highlight businesses in your local area

Those are just a few ideas. What ideas do you have for using mentions feature of LinkedIn?

Bill Brelsford Small Business Marketing Consultant